Hello we are Ben and Johana, founders of Update your web Virtual Services, we live in the beautiful State of Colorado, we love spending time with our family and traveling, we love visiting family in Costa Rica and Nicaragua, and our favorite place to vacation is Disney World.


We started our business by creating Nonprofit Organizations websites to help Churches reach out their Communities, and now we have  expanded our Services to help small and great Companies.

We all have a purpose in life and we know balance is very important to achieve that purpose. Our Mission is to help Entrepreneurs create their dream webpage. We are here to make your life easier so you can have more time to enjoy the things you like most and spend time with your family.


You’re here because you are ready to build your business.  We can help with that.


Update your Web is a branding and creative agency, built to serve YOU.  We believe in the power of strong branding and building your client base through personality and excellence.


We as team are here to help you “get the work done”.  As business owner, your main responsibility is to focus on building your business.  Our virtual Tech assistance can provide the technical work to help make that happen.

We can’t wait to work for you!