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with Facebook Ads, you can increase your sales and put your lead generation in autopilot.

Facebook Ads

Ready to grow your tribe, Increase your sales and put your lead generation in autopilot?

Is organic growth taking too long or just not working?  Insert Facebook Ads!

Facebook ads can help you to grow your tribe, Increase your sales, launch your course or digital products and so much more!

But they’re also stressful, time-consuming, and definitely you can’t just set it and forget it.  With the constant changes, it can be impossible to keep up! So let an expert  take over and maximize your results while cutting out the guesswork.

Let me create the copy, graphics, audiences, strategy that converts!

Ready to hand it over so you can focus on what you do best? Let’s schedule a call and chat to see if we’re a good fit

What does the package Includes

30 Minutes Strategy Call

Create Campaigns, Ads, Ad Sets and Ads

Creation of Images and Copy

Review of Landing Pages with feedback/recommendations 

A/B Test images, Copy and target Audiences

On-boarding Packet with In-Depth targeting Questionnaire

Tracking Pixel codes provided and Assistance with Implementtion

Manage and Optimize Monthly

Monthly and final progress Report

3 Months Minimum Contract



Starting at $797

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